Key Values

We at Ron’s Repair, LLC. and our employee team are committed to excellence. If you’d like to work in an environment where you can expect high standards, Ron’s Repair, LLC. may be the place for you. Team-wide these are key values that we focus on at Ron’s Repair, LLC:

Safety is paramount: for our team, for our clients, for our community. It all starts with a safe workspace and safe work environment.

Quality and craftsmanship are crucial. Good work requires a combination of skill and effort; our team members have both.

Organization is so important on a job site, at a shop, and in a workplace. Everything slows down, gets less safe, and overall quality suffers when things are disorganized.

Pride comes with doing your work at a high level, and our team does a lot of great work. We ask that our team shows pride in all things, from appearance to demeanor.
Honesty is non-negotiable. Be honest about the skills you have. Tell us if you are willing to learn new ones. Own up to mistakes; we all make them. And never ever take anything that isn’t yours.

Politeness is also non-negotiable. You rely on your co-workers and they rely on you; we all rely on our clients and our suppliers. Show everyone respect, it puts you in your best light. Always treat a customer’s home with the utmost care.

We don’t believe in problems here at Ron’s Repair, LLC. We are a solutions-oriented company and we do not waste time nor effort on negativity.

Respect communications, stay in your lane. Allow management to speak on management matters, and employees to communicate with each other, and leave communications with clients to the salesperson, supervisor or foreman.

We hold our team to these high standards so that we can all enjoy a consistently great place to work. It also allows us the leeway to choose our customers wisely. As a result, we have a customer base that is second to none.

This might sound like a lot. Maybe it is for some. But if an excellent work ethic is your thing, and you seek a dynamic workplace to showcase your skills and build new ones, then {click here} and send me an email with a few reasons you want to work for Ron’s Repair, LLC and then watch your email for further instructions.